Обновление форума

Обновление форума
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Обновление форума с IPB 4.3.6 до IPS 4.4.10

Продление лицензии
Продление лицензии

Продление лицензии на полгода для возможности получения обновлений в это время.

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нужно 3 000
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Следующее обновление форума средних размеров вышло через месяц после того, как закончились полгода действия лицензии. Оно несет с собой некоторое количество исправлений, в том числе корректную поддержку новой версии PHP для сервера, и рано или поздно на неё нужно будет обновиться. В отличии от прошлого большого обновления это вряд ли принесет какой-то WOW-эффект - просто некоторые элементы станут работать чуть лучше, или чуть иначе. На данный момент нет особой спешки, так что вполне можно открыть долгий сбор средств на очередное продление лицензии. Если за год не наберется - ничего страшного, администрация добавит и всё равно обновит =)


Как было указано в прошлой цели обновления форума, стоимость продления лицензии на полгода (активная лицензия необходима для возможности обновлений) формируется в зависимости от числа имеющихся компонентов. Плюс, она может повышаться со временем (это зависит от разработчиков движка). В данный момент сумма складывается из следующих компонентов:

  • Продление лицензии на форум - 25$
  • Продление лицензии на журналы - 10$
  • Продление лицензии на галерею - 10$

Итого - 45$. По курсу на сегодняшний день это составляет 2974,84 руб без учета комиссий при оплате.

Что в новой версии?

Список изменений от разработчиков движка:

Version 4.4.1 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.0.

This release also contains a critical security update for Commerce.

Also included: 4.4.0

Major New Features / Enhancements

  • Post Before Registering
  • Animated GIFs
  • AdminCP Notification Center
  • New Email Features:
    • Email Statistics
    • Email Advertisements
    • Unfollow Without Logging In
  • SEO Improvements:
    • Improved pagination with page number now in path (rather than query string) and unique page titles for paginated pages.
    • Improved use of canonical tags.
    • Improved handling of empty containers and profiles to reduce soft 404s.
    • Improved JSON-LD markup, adding @id tags and fixing URLs for comments.
    • Removed page output hidden by JavaScript.
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Added Lazy Loading for images, which will speed up page rendering.
    • Added HTTP/2 support with prefetch/preload.
    • Added support for Brotli compression.
    • Improved default profile photos to use inline SVGs rather than generated images, which will speed up page rendering.
    • Improved browser caching of pages served by the guest page cache, which will reduce the number of requests reaching the server.
    • Improved handing of session data for guests to reduce database reads for guests.
    • Optimized images to reduce file size for faster page rendering.
    • Other minor performance improvements to reduce database queries and fix unnecessary code execution.
  • Commerce Store Filters allow customers to filter products by price, review, stock, or custom admin-defined filters.


  • Added setting to display user group formatting in more areas (see 6 New Micro Features).
  • Added less intrusive browser notification prompt in Notifications menu (see 6 New Micro Features).
  • Added ability to show sidebar blocks to only certain types of devices (see 6 New Micro Features).
  • Added ability for club owners to reorder the navigation tabs (see 6 New Micro Features).
  • Added ability for announcements to be linked to an URL or be a title only (see 6 New Micro Features), improved consistency in how announcements are shown in different areas.
  • Improved UI for entering time intervals in AdminCP settings (see 6 New Micro Features).
  • Added a new Icons & Logos section in the AdminCP which allows providing logos for use when sharing links from the community, adding the community as a home screen app on a mobile device (along with additional settings for a PWA manifest to control certain aspects the community’s behaviour when used in this way), and in Safari’s favourites menus and pinned tabs on macOS.
  • Added a new UI for attachments, showing a box with some information about the file, rather than a plain line (see Turbo charging loading speeds).


  • Braintree Gateway including support for PayPal (with recurring payments), Venmo, and cards. Deprecates some PayPal features.
  • Added ability to target bulk mails to members who have spent certain amounts.
  • Added sidebar widgets for best sellers, latest products, product reviews and a featured product.

New Server Requirements: PHP 7.1.0 or higher required (7.3.x now supported). MySQL 5.5.3 or higher requires (5.6.2 recommended).

Removed Features

  • Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues.
  • Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues.
  • Removed password hashes when downloading a member list from the AdminCP. This is for security, to reduce the ease of obtaining sensitive data if the AdminCP is ever compromised.
  • Removed the name of the content (e.g. topic) from the “Next Unread” link which could consume significant server resources on large communities.

Also included: 4.3.6

This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues.

This release also contains a critical security update for Commerce.



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